On 1 August 2017 our canonical novitiate was re-opened in Pallotti Farm, Queenstown, after 3 years of suspension of this venue for canonical novitiate. It was a graceful event which was attended by a number of confreres in Queenstown Diocese and some sisters. They are 9 Novices, which includes: 5 from St Joseph Delegature South Africa of the Heart of Jesus Province and 4 from Mozambique Delegature of Santa Maria Province in Brazil. These two entities have collaborated in the past in a joint novitiate, so it is very good that the collaboration is once again restarted.

The novice master is Fr John Mangwele SAC who just came back from his two years training in Nairobi, and the assistant Novice Master Is Fr Simon Khubone SAC who is also priest in charge of Cathcart Catholic Mission. The spiritual direction is Fr Jones Wellos SAC. The Novitiate sees some other confreres coming to teach: Fr Siphiwo Vanqua SAC, Fr Barry Reabow SAC, Fr Heinz Sheoder

We thank God for his blessings and his graces and pray that it may be a year of mercy for them